In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

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Ignore All The Discouragement

Rabbi Nachman teaches,
“When a person makes a start and tries to bring himself closer to God, he usually experiences a feeling of rejection. It is as if forces beyond his control are trying to prevent him from entering God’s service. Yet in actual fact this apparent rejection is nothing but a way of bringing him closer. But it takes tremendous determination not to become discouraged when you see that the days and years are passing and in spite of all your efforts to draw closer, you are still far away.

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Life’s Trials

During a life trial we always want to pray, “Lord, please do this and that (to get me out; to end this pain).”

Sometimes our prayers must change to, “Lord, I just want to seek You.  I want to know you better.  I want to draw closer to you.  Draw me closer to You.  Help me to fall in love with You.  Reveal Yourself to me through Your word.”

Sometimes if our focus is on HIM instead of US, the trial become more manageable, we have more peace, and our faith in Him is increased.  🙂

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When Ye Fast – Part 7

Excerpts from Joy Haney’s book, “When Ye Fast”:

When there is soul searching through prayer, fasting and the Word, there is always a cleansing. The spirit of Isaiah comes upon you and you cry as he cried, “I am a man of unclean lips; take fire and cleanse me.” You naturally feel a humbleness and dependency on God, instead of satisfying your appetites of the flesh with natural things, you become satisfied with spiritual things. When there is a deepening in the spirit and a cleansing, there is a keen awareness that “He must increase, and I must decrease” (John 3:30). Fasting strengthens the inner man while weakening the outer man. Through dying daily and decreasing in self, something strange takes place. He is increased in you and a new power and authority that is not born of man begins to take hold inside of you. You learn to take authority over Satan, you learn how to war in the Spirit. It is a release from fleshly dominion to spiritual dominion. Oh, what a feeling. Oh, what a knowledge. Oh, what a privilege!

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When Ye Fast – Part 6

Excerpts from Joy Haney’s book, “When Ye Fast”:

You don’t fight spirit with flesh. You fight spirit with spirit. The only time the devil is afraid of the church is when they start worshiping, praying and fasting. He trembles at the name of Jesus and runs from the Word, but when the church starts praying and fasting consistently he starts fighting.

The devil came to Jesus “after he had fasted.” He does not mind committee meetings and socials, but when the church starts bombarding heaven and souls agonize and pray fervently, he cannot stand against it. He will fight against you. He can attack, but he cannot win!

The church has the power to make the devil run. “Resist the devil and he shall flee from you” (James 4:7).


When Ye Fast – Part 5

Excerpts from Joy Haney’s book, “When Ye Fast”:

If receiving the Holy Ghost was all that mattered, then why did the early church have to be dealt with again and again about their carnality? Because it is a constant war between the flesh and the spirit. In order to keep the spiritual man alive, there has to be continual vigilance and cleansing. Fasting, prayer, and the application and meditation of the Word is how this is accomplished.

Fasting and prayer should change you for the better. It should make you more pliable to the Spirit and more compassionate, not proud and haughty.

Isaiah 58:5 “Is not this the fast I have chosen?”

Fasting should be a lifestyle the Christian enters into after he is saved.

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When Ye Fast – Part 4

Excerpts from Joy Haney’s book, “When Ye Fast”:

All revivals of the past that shook nations, cities, and continents came through prayer and fasting.

A man who prays with fasting gives heaven notice that he is very serious about his petition.

Prayer and fasting become the catalyst to turn things around and change impossible situations.

Fasting is to humble yourself before God, to withdraw from natural pleasures and to spend time in prayer and soul-searching.

It is a time to draw night to God in an all-out effort.

James 4 “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up.”

David in the Old Testament said in Psalms 35:13 “I humbled my soul with fasting.”

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When Ye Fast – Part 3

Excerpts from Joy Haney’s book, “When Ye Fast”:

Paul instructed the early church to give themselves to fasting and prayer for a time (I Corinthians 7:5). If they needed, we need it. It is like an investment. Every time you pray and fast for a certain amount of time you are gaining ground. You are investing in a powerful kingdom-the kingdom of God. You are building yourself up in the power of the Spirit. It is important to be consistent for there will be times when you need to draw on that power.

The fire of His spirit always burns out dross and sets the soul aflame. When you fast in a way that is pleasing to God, your heart throb will be, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Your mind will constantly be inspired. Your faith level will increase and a new relationship will develop between you and the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the glory level. For as you decrease, He increases and you see His glory and His holiness.