In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

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Pay Attention

Only you are responsible for your success or failure, happiness or sadness, stress or vitality, scarcity or abundance, appreciation or depression.
You choose what you experience.

And you choose by what you give attention to, what you think about, what you talk about and what you do or don’t do about it.

Remember this:


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Why People Suck at Tipping

By Darren Hardy

Click on link below for a two minute “tip”. 😉

Why people suck at tipping

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In Case You’ve Ever Wondered

Why Do Jerks Exist?

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Shun a Gossip

One who degrades another person is a fool, and a man of understanding will make himself deaf to his words(Proverbs 11:12).
When people feel good about themselves, they have no need to enhance their self-evaluation by berating others. Those who do so are exposing their own poor self-worth and to what extremes they will go in order to achieve any feeling of worth.
Solomon points out that the one who listens to such prattle is no better than the speaker. Why would anyone waste time listening to such gossip and slander unless it served some purpose? A person with good self-esteem would turn a deaf ear to such talk. Furthermore, one who listens to gossip provides the talker with an audience, thereby actually encouraging more gossip.
Solomon calls a wise person “a man of understanding.” The wisdom here consists of understanding the psychology of gossips. They need to berate others for their own self-worth, and they are not above lying to disparage others. You can be certain that the person who speaks badly about someone else to you will eventually speak badly about you to someone else. The only approach, therefore, is to completely shun a gossip.
In his epochal work on lashon hara (gossip), the Chofetz Chaim states that the transgression of listening to lashon hara is every bit as serious as speaking it. If someone tries to make a listener out of you, leave, or at least politely say that you are not interested in the subject.

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Eat to Satisfy Your Soul

A righteous person eats to satisfy his soul (Proverbs 13:25).
When children have poor table manners, their parents will likely reprimand them and say: “You’re eating like an animal.”
While animals lack the finesse of Emily Post, we can say this much for them: they eat only for their bodily needs. Animals do not overeat, nor do they indulge in the pleasures of eating the way that humans do. Titillating the palate is a uniquely human obsession.
People who sincerely believe they were put on earth solely in order to serve God will eat in order to sustain life and to have the energy to carry out their assignment on earth. While they may enjoy eating, they neither indulge themselves nor constantly seek ways to enhance their food. These people are unlikely to develop obesity, because they would not consume more food than is necessary to maintain optimum bodily function.
In the thirteenth century, Maimonides stated that the majority of human ills come from unhealthy eating practices. Modern medical science substantiates his assertion. However, modern people, instead of developing more body-conscious eating habits, apply their genius to seeking ways to stuff themselves without becoming overweight.
It is a humbling thought that if humans did eat like animals, they would live longer and be healthier.
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Is Your Life Worth Thirty Feet??

“Last night a man tried to run across Zarzamora Street, a four (4) lane highway, against the light and not in the crosswalk.

He was thirty (30) feet from the crosswalk when he was hit and killed.  Continue reading

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The Top 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables

If you or someone you love or know has been diagnosed with cancer, PLEASE forward this article to them a.s.a.p. It could save their life.

Blessings, Shalom and Love to you. ♥

Here’s a quote followed by the link:

“There are literally thousands of published peer-reviewed studies demonstrating that the 100,000+ phytonutrients in plants have the ability to prevent and reverse cancer.
But because the pharmaceutical industry can’t figure out how to extract these compounds, synthesize them, and patent them for profit, they are ignored.”  ~ Chris Wark