In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

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What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?


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If You’ve Got It – Use It

A “wake up” article from here:

In this week’s Torah portion, God gives the specifications on how the High Priest’s clothing is to be made. Since this entire process requires very precise work, God wanted the clothing to be made by:

“…the wise-hearted people whom I have invested with… wisdom.” (Exodus 28:3)


God wanted those individuals whom He “invested with … wisdom” to be the ones in charge of making the High Priest’s clothing. What does it mean that God invested wisdom? It means exactly what is meant by any other investment – a return on the investment isn’t merely hoped for, but expected. God makes an investment in each and every one of us when He gives each of us a unique and special talent. Would you put all your money into a bank whose policy was never to pay any interest on the accounts? Of course not.

Universally, every person born to caring parents has heard that he is “unique in your own way.” As children, Continue reading

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You Can Do It!

What an inspirational story! Wow! Nothing is impossible if you have drive, determination and passion. Let’s do it! Let’s go out there like Ruth did and make our dreams come true.

Action for Today:
It’s 2015.
If Ruth could do what she did, given her circumstances and beginning…
What can YOU do?

Take out a piece of paper and jot down three things that are stopping you.
Go ahead and do it.

Then, take that piece of paper, ball it up, and throw it away.
(light on fire for extra drama)
Everything on that paper is BS.

Here’s the bottom line: You can do it.

Your Daily Mentor,

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Embracing Failure


Why failure is essential to building genuine self-confidence.

Most of us think of failure as a plague to avoid at all costs, or something inevitable that we must endure.

But failure is actually a key component to building self-confidence, perhaps even more than success. Counter-intuitive? Allow me to explain. Continue reading

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Are You Dealing Drugs?

I agree with Darren on this 100%. What we fill our eyes, ears and minds with is what we become and shapes our future. Filling our minds with too much negativity and bad news will cause us to be down and depressed more than if we filled our minds with positive information as much as possible. Think about it.

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Create a Masterpiece!

by Steve Maraboli

“Today, you awaken to a day in which you have the power to make and inspire change.

In fact, it is the ONLY day in which you have any power. You have no control over yesterday. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is Continue reading