In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Pay Attention

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Only you are responsible for your success or failure, happiness or sadness, stress or vitality, scarcity or abundance, appreciation or depression.
You choose what you experience.

And you choose by what you give attention to, what you think about, what you talk about and what you do or don’t do about it.

Remember this:


You are not subject to the world around you.

You can control your world by what you allow to control your attention. Twitter

Action for Today:

Ask yourself…

What kind of day do you want to have today?

Happy day?

Productive day?

Fun day?

Loving day?

A Breakthrough day?

Jot down a few ideas in your notebook:




CHOOSE your day then only look for and give attention to things, people, media and environments where those things exist.

You’ll be surprised at the power of your creative potential.

Source: Darren Daily (Hardy)


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