In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Stars Spoken Into Existence 

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This is an email I received this morning from my friend and father of my late brother-in-law.  We should ALL have such awe, respect and appreciation for our Creator. (He lives in Texas, in the country).


At 4:00 AM I got a hot cup of coffee (warmed over from yesterday) and walked out in the back yard. There was no cloud cover and the “stars” were shining brightly. Then I thought of the God who spoke and they appeared. OMG!!! What kind of a power can speak and a “star” appears?? The reason I put quotations around the word star is because some are truly individual stars but most are galaxies, somewhere between 400 billion and 1 trillion stars in a cluster. Astrophysicists estimate there are 1.7 trillion trillion (that’s 1.7 followed by 24 zeros) in the KNOWN universe. Now how much arrogance does it take for a man or woman to think they are the top of the heap, that there is nothing greater than mankind?? How does a man like Dr. Stephen Hawkins who has studied the stars for years come to believe there is no God??

If you want to have a real mental exercise just pick up a copy of one of Dr. Gerald Schroeder, PhD (PhD in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Professor at MIT, and Jewish Rabbi). He believes the Bible and writes to show how provable science and the Bible dovetail; there are no contradictions. Genesis and the Big Bang is one of his books that explains the creation of the universe and how awesome our God is. In his books he brings in the nuances of the original Hebrew language. One example is the verse “Hear O Israel, the Lord or God, the Lord is one” which should be translated “…the Lord is Unity” meaning there is nothing else but God!!


PS For a real eye opener Google: “Hubble Telescope Deep Field” and see what appeared in a supposedly empty area of space!!


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