In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

The Speck of Light

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Sometimes we get so tired and weary, fighting to stay above water.

Sometimes we would rather stop struggling and let the darkness take us down so we never have to think again.

But then we open our eyes and look up.

There we see a tiny speck of light…of hope.

And we begin to come to our senses and think about all the people who would be let down and hurt if we gave up.

The speck of light becomes larger and we think of how many times God has rescued us in the past.

Pretty soon the light is all around us and we realize our head, and now our shoulders are above water.

We feel the buoyancy of love, hope, and peace in our hearts.

And once again we are on high ground, moving forward, rising to the challenge of fulfilling GOD’S purpose for our living.

Never, EVER give up. The speck of light is there if only you will open your eyes. If only you would believe.


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