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5-Year-Old Girl Who’s Already Consumed 1460 Sodas In Her Short Lifetime

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This is a very serious problem and parents MUST be aware of it.

It’s your choice to drink poison (ahem…soda), but your innocent children don’t have a choice.  They trust you.

diabetes5If you give them soda, you are poisoning them!  It’s the same as saying, “Here, Sweetie, drink this Lysol or Windex.”  Yeah, I know those don’t taste as good as soda, but it is just as dangerous for their little, growing bodies.  Do some research on this and prove me wrong.  You won’t be able to.  If you love your children, don’t let them drink soda.

AND don’t let them eat Cheetos and Cheezits either!  But we will save that topic for another day.

Please check out this article and watch the video.  Thank you for caring about our future generations.

Have a lovely, healthy day. 😉

xoxo ♥ Tena


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