In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Sin is Very Serious


Wise and true words from my Uncle’s blog.

What good is a law if it is not enforced? For example, a stretch of road has a posted speed limit, but people go too fast because it is infrequently patrolled by the police. A parking space in front of the store is reserved for those with handicap permits, but able-bodied drivers ignore the sign because they are quite sure that parking there will be overlooked. We’ve all done things that go against the law. If we are not forced to pay the price for our wrongful actions, we are just emboldened to keep doing them. We conclude that the authorities aren’t serious or don’t care, so we can just do as we want without any fear of consequence.

It’s tempting to think that way about God. In His patience, He does not quickly bring judgment on us for our offenses against His law. As a result, we might be led to think that He is not serious when He threatens punishment for sin. And if we think that He is not serious about sin, we feel that we can just live according to our own desires without fear of His justice.

The truth is that sin is very serious. In fact, God says that the consequence of sin is death! And that’s more than the kind of death associated with cemeteries. The consequence of sin is eternal death—condemnation in hell!

Ask God to forgive you. Really mean it… not for the pending penalty, but to find grace, blessings and forgiveness.


2 thoughts on “Sin is Very Serious

  1. When I was being convicted of sin I realised I had conditioned ideas like “this is not fair, maybe the government will help me,” or “it is not right for YHWH to condemn me without having a trial in a local court.” These ideas, ridiculous as they sound, are within the psyche. We all think that man can save us because our agreements of what constitutes law are with man. We need sanctification to see this in depth.


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