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Successful Soul-Winning

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By my friend, Marty Gyngard
For decades evangelism meant being a door-to-door salesman for Jesus, knocking on doors, approaching people randomly and trying to “convince” them of their lost condition and to accept an initiation to church; what they call in sales a “cold call” approach. But a study of Jesus and the Apostles ministries reveals a more Spiritual approach. People “came to” Christ. Peter was “sent” to Joppa, Philip was sent to the Ethiopian, Ananias was busy serving the Lord and Paul came to him, Paul was sent to Macedonia, etc, etc. Jesus died for freedom “yours” AND “theirs”; freedom of choice.

Anyone has as much right to choose sin as you do God and it is an element of self-righteousness to feel otherwise. God does not want to force Himself on anyone by His Spirit or by your misplaced zeal. Thus the words of Jesus, “cast not your pearls before swine, give not that which is holy to the dogs”; or like, if they do not accept you dust off your shoes as a testimony against them and move on.

In the book of Acts the Word says that God will add to the church daily “such as should be saved.” In other words this is the Lord’s doing and by driving soul-winning yourself you become an overbearing source of frustration against the church; and many times this ends in your frustration as well. Try the approach that Jesus had. Go after God with all of that zeal. Pray longer, stay in your secret place with the Most High another hour or two or three……! FAST, FAST, FAST (oh the lost art of fasting in this gluttonous time)!!! Study, study, study, His Word. Seek the Gifts of the Spirit and Apostolic Power to speak as “one having authority” as did Jesus and His Apostles. When you are ready “in God’s eyes”, HE will send you to HUNGRY souls and you will add to the kingdom successfully. You will find the Gospel welcomed among most that God sends you to. Soul-winning will become your greatest source of inspiration rather than your greatest point of discouragement.

The Word says what you do in secret the Father will reward you openly (Matt 6:4, 6, 18). If we show forth the Apostolic Power that we profess, people will come, those that are sincere will come as they did with Jesus. The problem is the world can smell a fake a mile away and in the last 50 years the church has been more Apostolic in word than in deed!! This is NOT the way of our Lord. If we would spend alone with God, HALF of the time we spend recreating (movies, TV, sports, etc.), we would be shocked at the change that would begin in our lives. Soul-winning should not be drudgery. But as the new addition of a baby into a family, soul-winning should be MOST exciting and exhilarating; a GREAT source of encouragement to both the sinner and the saint. We are to WIN souls not convince souls. Matt 5:16 says, “Let YOUR light so shine before men, that they may see YOUR good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” If you build a life pleasing to God they will see your light like the lighthouse on the hill, and find their way by it.

We are not all the same with the same abilities. Can you imagine the frustration of a fish trying to minister to earthbound creatures? Fish appears to be ridiculous creatures on land, but drop them into the water and oh how their genius comes alive. Due to lack of sufficient time in preparation (pray, fasting and study) many Christians do not understand their ministry and thereby become discouraged. I have a gifts ministry and often am shocked to see people choosing to be terminally ill rather than being made whole by the Apostolic Power (you will be surprised to know that happens daily). But when this happens I move on without a thought knowing that I was not sent to them. Let go and let God drive, this battle is His and He is well able to handle it. In these few words, you’ll find a lighter burden and an easier yoke and much more success in soul-winning. (Matt 11:29-30)

P.S. The above is meant for personal soul-winning only. Mass advertising is good and well accepted in our society as not infringing on anyone’s personal space for which we all have a right to non-harassing privacy.

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