In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

We All Have Some Wisdom


My belief is that everyone has a measure of wisdom.

Especially those who are 40+.

We’ve had experiences…gone through ups and downs…been there and done that. 🙂

So please…please, don’t hide your wisdom away.  Please don’t think you have nothing to offer a young person.

They need us.  If we hold back our wisdom, we are being selfish.  We can help others not make some mistakes we’ve made.

Please don’t think so poorly of yourself that you keep your mouth closed.  You and your wisdom are valuable to others.

“Wisdom is with aged men, And with length of days, understanding.”  Job 12:12

“Have you heard the counsel of God? Do you limit wisdom to yourself?” Job 15:8

“I said, ‘Age should speak, And multitude of years should teach wisdom.'” Job 32:7

“My mouth shall speak wisdom, And the meditation of my heart shall give understand.” Psalms 49:3

“Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established;” Proverbs 24:3

“If the ax is dull, And one does not sharpen the edge, Then he must use more strength; But wisdom brings success.” Ecclesiastes 10:10.


2 thoughts on “We All Have Some Wisdom

  1. I agree, someone asked the other day, if you could be 12 again what would you change? I spoke up quickly with a answer but then put thought into it and came up with, “would have listened to my parents more”! So true 🙂


  2. Great post, Tena. We all have something we can share with the younger generation, and this is definitely a generation that is sorely in need of godly wisdom. May we be sensitive to God, so that He can use us in this manner.


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