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Youth Convention ’09

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What a lucky person I am.  I had the privilege of going with our Youth Group to Western District Youth Convention 2009!  Our Youth Pastor had to work and couldn’t attend, so I went to help his wife and my friend.  I had a BLAST! 😀

This year was the first one where the Western District was split – Northern & Southern Cali.  But there were over 3,500 young people on the last night in Stockton at Christian Life Center!

And…over 30 received the Holy Ghost on the last night!!!  To God be the Glory!  😀

The music and singing was incredible.  The preaching was life-changing.  The fellowship was fun.  Over all it was an awesome time!

Me and Tina (Youth Pastor’s wife).  We made a perfect team in this endeavor.  🙂

Youth men of Hollister – so handsome and respectful.  I enjoyed being with them these past three days and getting to know them better.  Me being a mom of two boys, I loved being around them.  They were (and are) awesome!  😀

The girls – they were so cute and fun.  Love ’em to pieces. 🙂

Go here for all pics.


One thought on “Youth Convention ’09

  1. Oh how I love young people. Thanks for sharing tidbits regarding youth conference. Even though we were not there, Bro Hopper and my hearts are still with the youth.


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