In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Intercessory Prayer

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Sis. Vesta Mangun preached at Ladies Day at Landmark in Stockton, Ca. yesterday.

It was awesome and I wanted to share just a few of the things she said.

“No soul is saved without intercessory prayer.”

“Without prayer, we are going to church and tread-milling.”

“The law of prayer is the highest law – it is over the earth-realm.”

“He did not leave us helpless.  But He is helpless without us.”

“Do you accept the call?  Do you say, ‘Yes’ to being an intercessor?”


I did.

I said, “Yes” to her.

And I said, “Yes” to God.

I want to be an intercessor and travail before the Lord.  Only then will my prayers be answered.

Only when we travail will children be born – souls born into the kingdom.


She also said that the church needs to be like the Statue of Liberty saying,

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse.  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me.”

The church is the only safety for those scared, fearful, lonely, hopeless souls.

And we must pray, pray, pray for the lost until..

until the Lord comes.

We must never stop.


One thought on “Intercessory Prayer

  1. It is a very hard calling because we need to ‘forsake’ most of the things other people in the church, let alone in the world cherish. When God lays this burden on us, if we rebel, we will find our whole world ‘falling apart’ and satan will attack us with a degree of intensity most never experience. I have been ‘running away’ from the calling because I want to have a ‘successful’ job and fit in. I now know that God might give me a lowly manual labor job that allows me to pray in the spirit several hours a day. It hurts for people to see me and think ‘I really thought he would make something of himself, he must be lazy or not that bright’. They don’t realize that to interceed with the intensity required MUCH time must be sacraficed from other worldly pursuits. However, being in the intimate presece of Jesus and the holy angels and knowing you are stepping into place of extreme importance in terms of getting people saved, makes it worthwhile. I really want to get married, but God have very STRONGLY impressed upon my spirit that this will prevent many people from going to heaven. Keep teaching about this calling. We will be misunderstood, hated, lonely, maybe even in poverty, but all the angels and demons watch and see just what God does in response to our prayers.


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