In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Happy Birthday to Gentry!

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Gentry Buxton is my nephew.  He turned 11 yesterday.

I wanted him to know that I think he is an awesome young man.  What better way than to blog about him. 🙂

Gentry has an honest heart and helps his parents whenever they ask him.  He does well in school and is a math wizard.  He likes to play video games and football with his dad and friend.  He’s polite, sweet, kind and a daydreamer.  🙂

Aunt Tena loves you, Gentry.  Hope you had a fun Birthday.

(Did you beat Call of Duty 5, yet? 🙂 ).

Gentry on right playing Guitar Hero with cousin, Grayson.  (Gentry’s brother, Cole, on left).


One thought on “Happy Birthday to Gentry!

  1. Happy B-Day Gentry. May it “rock”.


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