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Wal-Mart Cake


It took me a second, but make sure you read the story under the picture.

Keep in mind this actually really did happen.  😀

This cake is for someone who was moving from an insurance claims office.

Some employees had a “going away” party for a lady at their BCBS Little Rock claim office.

One of the supervisors called a Wal-Mart and ordered the cake.

He told them to write: “Best Wishes Suzanne” and underneath that write “We will miss you”.

As the picture shows, it didn’t quite turn out right.

~Thanks for sharing, Uncle Glenn.  🙂

From, here are a few other cake errors.  Funny.  😀

[The New Yorker, 1942]

There’s a married couple whose birthdays fall on the same date, which they naturally celebrate pretty lavishly. Just before their last birthday, the lady stopped in at her neighborhood bakeshop and ordered a cake with “Happy Birthdays” on it. “You see, two of us are having a birthday,” she explained to the clerk. “So I want it to say ‘Happy Birthdays’ — plural.”

The clerk wrote the instructions down carefully, and sure enough, when the cake was delivered, it had “Happy Birthdays Plural” on it.

[ 1997]

For my 40th birthday, my husband decided to surprise me with a birthday cake from our local bakery.  “In the middle please print “Happy Birthday Nita'”, he instructed them over phone.  Then, ‘You’re not getting older’ on the top and ‘You’re getting better’ on the bottom.

When he went to pick it up, he discovered that they had decorated the cake with the words exactly as he had said them.  “Happy Birthday Nita, you’re not getting older at the top, you’re getting better on the bottom.”  😀

4 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Cake

  1. Uhhhh….hellooo?? I can see in my mind’s eye a hand knocking on the said person’s head and saying, “Hello, McFly, is anyone home”? Can’t say a whole lot more for those interesting individuals….

    Ha, ha! That’s funny, “Hello, McFly, is anyone home?”!
    Shawnna, they were dropped on their heads when they were babies. 😀


  2. BTW- you need to read S. Buxton’s latest post….it goes hand in hand with this one!

    I went right over and read her post. So funny! ‘Than’ would get a kick out of it, huh? 😀


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  4. Jen showed me this cake a few weeks ago. There is a lady that has a blog about cakes that are supposed to be professionally made but were messed up. Some of them have words spelled incorrectly and others are just horribly decorated. If you like cakes and need a good laugh, it’s a good place to go.

    Oh, my goodness. I visited this blog and there are some crazy, funny things on it! I can’t believe some people’s tastes!


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