In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

God’s Breath


This morning when I looked out of my back window, this is what I saw.


My son, Kyle, said, “That’s God’s breath.”

He was remembering a message our Pastor preached a long time ago.  He preached about frost and said that it’s God’s breath.  He said, “Every time you see frost now, you will remember this message.”

Job 37:10a – “By the breath of God frost is given.”

God is the creator of all we see.  I want to “see” God in all nature and think about Him when I see the awesome wonders of His creation.

4 thoughts on “God’s Breath

  1. What a perfect picture for a perfect scripture! Isn’t it wonderful that we can reflect on Him through all of nature? I’ll answer my question – YES, it is.


  2. Tena, it looks like a lake.
    Beautiful picture. I hope you have protected the fragile plants that cannot take the frost. How about those day lilies? We don’t have anything that can’t take the frost. Good thing cause it gets down to the mid 20’s here. Love, Mom

    Yes, Mom, all the plants we planted are frost tolerant. 🙂 How awesome that it snowed for you the other day! Must have been beautiful! Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you.


  3. Thank you for bringing scripture to life in this picture, so so beautiful!

    I want to stare at this all day. It makes me know He’s all around us.


  4. It is a wonderful thing! I’ve seen frost so thick it makes a chain link fence solid. Been in the bitter cold so frigid, it makes your nose freeze when you inhale. Having worked out-doors my whole life, I am constantly reminded of God’s love thru His creation. Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

    Sounds like you enjoy your job, Scott. That’s wonderful that you get fresh air every day. 🙂


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