In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Update to Last Post


It turns out that the 11 year old girl DID receive the Holy Ghost Friday night!  They both came to church today and both received it again!  The 13 yr. old’s little 8 yr. old sister came too, and she just cried and cried at the altar.  It was so precious.

I am so proud of our youth girls.  They prayed with these girls, loved on them, included them, sat with them.  Then, after church, invited them to eat out with the youth.  Befriending and disciplining people after they receive the Holy Ghost is so important to help them stay connected.

God is doing awesome things in our church, our youth and our Sunday School and I AM SO EXCITED!

3 thoughts on “Update to Last Post

  1. Wow – this makes your report TWICE as great. It definitely is happening in Hollister. What a blessing!

    Yes! Hollister is getting hit with the power of God from all of our prayer, fasting and evangelism! I am sooooo excited! 😀


  2. I love what Sis. Hurst had to say about this….”Love never fails!” Thank you for your burden for these kids. I know you along with others in our church have loved and helped these kids.

    Praising God for His goodness!

    So true, Mindy! Showing love takes time, but so well worth the effort! It excites me to see others joining in and showing love and giving of themselves. Last Saturday, Natalie and Melisa went out visiting the kids and talking to people and this just THRILLS my heart!

    There’s no stopping Hollister now! We are on a roll! Praise God!


  3. It’s like fire and it will spread, other will catch on! How exciting! Thank God for what He is doing!

    We want others to catch it, Catherine! And they are! It is so exciting! Isn’t this the greatest joy in life?!


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