In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

My Little Thought For the Day


I was thinking…

…it takes THREE months to LOSE 10 lbs.

and only ONE month to GAIN 10 lbs.


Then I thought, how similar this is to our walk with God.

It takes more of an effort and a longer period of time to obtain a close relationship with Him – to get to know Him, than it does to backslide and lose our relationship with Him.  I mean, if I stopped praying and reading my bible for just a few days, I would already feel myself slipping away from my walk with Jesus.

So, what this shows me (and I already knew this – it just reminded me) that I must:

a)  Exercise every day

b)  Eat healthy every day

c)  Pray every day

d)  Read my bible every day

If I miss a day, here and there, I must just continue again the following day.  I must never allow myself to go more than a couple of days without doing the above list.

My little thought for the day 🙂

Doesn’t go well with my header photo, now, does it?  I should probably change it soon. 😀


5 thoughts on “My Little Thought For the Day

  1. It’s the continuing that is hard, isn’t it? Thanks for being my cheerleader. I’d like to cheer you on, too.

    Thank you, Becky! You are wonderful!


  2. How important our spiritual intake. It is definitely the area that we don’t want to lose in.


  3. If something must give, it will be exercise. To help there, I took a big step. I enrolled at the College (with my daughter and one daughter-in-law) for a stretching, toning and strengthening class.
    God is my helper for my spiritual “man” and He tugs on me – thank you Lord! I don’t want to lack there for sure!

    That is awesome, Catherine, that you and your daughter enrolled in the exercise class! You go, girl! 🙂

    And, yes, thank God He tugs at my spiritual man, too. Cuz, if He didn’t, I know I wouldn’t just do it on my own. My flesh is too strong, unfortunately. But, God’s grace is sufficient for me! Yippee!

    Have a wonderful day with Jesus!


  4. What is that on your header? I need that recipe.. That looks so good. That simple old sunday school song that says “Read your Bible and pray every day and you’ll grow, grow, grow….”
    It is so simple yet profoundly true what you said..
    Then the flip side to the fleshly coin, when we eat badly and don’t exercise we will grow, grow, grow in all the wrong ways. Lord knows I need to get a hold of the healthy eating and excersise revelation sooner than later. Lol. Love you Sis Tena

    Hi, Noel.
    Just click on “Header Photo” on the top of my blog and the recipe is there!

    Ha, you are funny. Let’s, “Grow, grow, grow”, in the Lord, Noel, and “Shrink, shrink, shrink” in our bodies! 😀

    Love ya, too!


  5. Good thought, Tena and so true. It’s hard work to lay aside the weight, both physically and spiritually, but with God’s help, we can do it and even have yummy creations like the one on your header every once in a while. 🙂

    You said the key sentence, Sis. Carol – “every once in a while”. 🙂 All things in moderation, right?


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