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…there is perfect peace.

Refuge in the Park


Back on June 6th, the youth of our church had their first REFUGE (youth service) in the park.

Here are some photos I took – they will tell the story of how things went. Enjoy! 🙂

The band consisted of, Kyle on guitar, Dominic on drums, Todd on keys.

Bro. Kirk greeted the guests.

The youth sang and worshiped.

Bro. Kirk encouraged worship even though it felt different being outside. He is our church’s awesome Youth Leader.

Dominic and Daniel did some rappin’ for Jesus.

People on the outskirts watched and listened.

Dominic gave his testimony and Omar translated into Spanish.

Faith preached the word.

The sign team sang a song in sign language.

Kyle preached the gospel message.

The altar call was given.

Everyone came.

Everyone prayed a prayer of repentance together.

Hearts were touched.

God’s Spirit was there in a special way.

They felt the Presence of the Almighty God.

God’s Spirit is not confined to a building. Jesus preached and performed miracles outside. Sometimes we must go TO the lost if they won’t come to us. We must just keep doing everything we can to reach the lost. However we can. God is coming so soon and we must work while it is day.

“God, please bless our youth with a passion to live for You with ALL their hearts and please give them a compassion for the lost so they can reach their world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Go here to see all the photos.


5 thoughts on “Refuge in the Park

  1. This is an AWESOME post!!!! God is soooo good! These young people are doing a great work!


  2. Fantastic! Getting the gospel out to the streets where the lost souls can feel God’s love!


  3. I love seeing young people who have a burden, and give of themselves to those who don’t know the Lord. What a wonderful, encouraging post. This is only the beginning of youth revival in Hollister. Hallelujah.



  4. Beautiful! When I see pics like this, I feel so proud of “our” young people.


  5. Young people reaching out to young people. Keep doing it!


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