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Do you know how to eat an artichoke? If not, go here and find out.

I think this is my favorite vegetable. We usually eat them steamed, but yesterday at our church Memorial Day Picnic, we had them a different way – BAR-BE-QUED! Oh! Were they good! We’ve done this at home many times before, so we were anticipating something delicious! 🙂

Before bringing them to the picnic this is what I did:

Steamed them until cooked.
Reduced some balsamic vinegar by half, which made it sweet.
Added a little olive oil, salt, black pepper and some red pepper flakes.
Cut artichokes in half and removed the inner fuzzies.
Got squares of foil for each artichoke.
Poured a little of the vinegar mixture onto each artichoke.
Wrapped the foil around each one.
When the fire was blazing at the BBQ pit, we threw them right on the flame.
Let them sit there for about ten minutes until they charred a little, then took them off.
Opened the foil and enjoyed those chokes with a little garlic mayo.


This is at the place we bought artichokes to sell at our fruit stand.

This is the field where they came from – in Castroville. This variety is the best – coastal.

Interesting, how they grow.

Castroville is the artichoke center of the world! 😀


8 thoughts on “Artichokes!

  1. Artichokes are delicious! Your pictures have me craving them.

    I’ve never had them BBQed and now I want to try it!


  2. Mmmmm…..GOOD! They were absolutely delicious!


  3. I love artichokes, i didnt know what i was eating the first time, and now anytime someone is making them i leave room for just the artichokes, they are my by far favorite veggie, and i like most LOL

    love you,


  4. My husband loves artichokes with plain mayo. But I’ll do them with garlic mayo next time – and I think he will love them even more. Now as for me, I only like the heart. Eating the end of the leaves takes too much energy.


  5. I miss them! I don’t think that I have seen them here in Maryland. You sure make me crave them with this post and pictures! I bought some strawberries today and they came from Salinas. But they don’t carry artichokes. 😦


  6. Mmm! I love artichokes with Mayo!! Your post is making me hungry…lol


  7. Hello, Keepingnote!
    Welcome to my blog. So glad you stopped by to comment. I visited your blog a little and thought it was great. I’ll be back.

    Let me know how your BBQed artichokes turn out.
    Have a great day!


  8. Thank you!

    BBQed chokes are delish! I’m so happy it’s summer and have an excuse to make them all the tiiiiiime.

    Oooo…I’m glad you liked them! 😀 Have a great summer! God bless you!


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