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…there is perfect peace.

We Can See Flames


There is a forest fire burning only about 20 miles from us. Tonight when we arrived home from choir practice we could see the flames which had made it to the ridge just West of Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

I took this photo tonight from my house.

We are praying that the firefighters can put it out soon and that tomorrow there is not wind like there was today.

Here is some news about it:

Gusty winds fanned a wildfire Thursday that burned several homes, forced evacuations and closed schools in the mountains of central California, where rugged terrain frustrated efforts to get a handle on the fast-moving blaze.

Hundreds of people fled as the nearly 4-square-mile fire continued to grow despite more than 500 firefighters and a swarm of tanker planes and helicopters dousing the area.

Residents of hundreds of homes were asked to leave, but many are unoccupied vacation houses. No injuries had been reported.

The blaze had grown to more than 2,500 acres by early afternoon and was completely uncontained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The flames produced thick smoke that could be seen miles away.

The mountain range separates Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties, about 15 miles south of San Jose, and the rural area is dotted with homes.

At least 10 homes were destroyed, and three schools closed their doors Thursday, officials said.

Read more here.


3 thoughts on “We Can See Flames

  1. Hi! Sis. Tena!

    This reminds me of the fires we had down here in San Diego a couple of months ago. That photo looks almost identical to the one I took from our home. Thank God we didn’t have to evacuate but I grabbed some important stuff just in case they told us we had to leave. I pray for you and your families safety! I too hope the fires are put out soon! Also, your cherry stand looks very YUMMY!
    Blessings! Vonnie (Shawnna’s friend)

    Hi, Vonnie! I remember you from Ladies Conference! Thanks for stopping by here and for commenting. Blessings to you, too!


  2. A friend of mine called to tell me a out the fire they could see just as we were facing a tornado here at work! I was on the phone praying with my son for God to detour that thing! It passed us.

    The fire is still burning and is only 25% contained. Sigh. I guess it takes a while to put forest fires out.
    I heard about the tornado down south! Crazy weather, huh?


  3. We have friends living in this area, and what they worked a lifetime for was in danger. Many of the houses which burned had no fire insurance as insurance companies feel it is a high risk area. It is very sad.

    It is very sad, Sis. Hopper. 😦


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