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Spring @ Valenti Farms – Part Three



This year we “rented” bees to pollinate our cherry trees.  I find this very interesting. 

The beekeeper brought his bees, sedated during transportation, to our orchard.  They came in boxes, hives (their homes) and he set them in a spot at the end of the orchard, so the wind would blow them into the orchard. 

They would not come out and go to work until the sun was out.  In the evening, after they were through working and it started to get cooler, they would go back to their hives for the night.  It’s amazing to me how they know where to go! 

They would collect pollen, as they went from blossom to blossom, and would drop some of it on the blossoms, pollinating the trees.

They would take the pollen back to their hive and from that point (I don’t know how) they will eventually make honey. 🙂

Here’s a photo of our “rented” bees (well, their hives).


2 thoughts on “Spring @ Valenti Farms – Part Three

  1. Tena, I love your blog and your flickr account. I look forward, every day, to reading and looking at all the pictures, which mostly have my family in them. Do you get to keep the honey after the bees make it? Dad loves honey right out of the hives. He uses honey in the place of sugar all the time.

    Mom, I’ll be honest with you. You are the main reason I keep my blog going. I think about you every time I post. 🙂 I love you.

    No, we don’t get to keep the honey. That’s the other part of the beekeepers job.
    We eat a lot of honey, too. We get it at the Farmer’s Market where it’s fresh from the – beekeepers. 🙂


  2. Honey is as good as it gets strait from the hives.
    My father and mother’s relatives had some in different part of the country and what a difference in the taste! You live in a wonderful area.

    Catherine, my husband has heard that eating local honey (where a person lives) is good for people, especially if they have allergies. We love honey. It’s sold at the Farmer’s Markets around here and roadside stands.


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