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Spring @ Valenti Farms – Part Two


We have a few peach, plum, pear, persimmon, pomegranate, fig, and almond trees in a little area between our house and my father-in-law’s house, next door.

Peach tree blossoms.

See the bee in mid-air?

Pear tree blossoms.


7 thoughts on “Spring @ Valenti Farms – Part Two

  1. I love the spring – the colors splashed here and there are so beautiful. I find myself spending a lot of time looking over our little acre and viewing the beauty. Like I said yesterday, you take great pics.

    Thanks again, Sis. Karen. You are so sweet. 🙂


  2. Sis. Tena,

    What a beautiful view you have. I agree, you take great pictures.


    Thanks, Tina! Love you!


  3. I love the picture of the bee in mid air.
    I wish I could be there in person to see all these beautiful blossoms. But, better yet, after the blossoms turn to fruit. Yummie !
    Are you going to put any new pictures of Shawna’s kids on your flickr site? Would love to see some.

    Yes, the cherries are very yummy! Miss you, Mom!


  4. Absolutely gorgeous! We have a lot of cherries and almonds blooming here in our area. Spring is so full of life!


  5. Simply wonderful! I love the shades of pink! My hubby is planting almost a hundred bulbs in our yard. Can’t wait til they all start coming up!

    Wow to 100 bulbs! And. Wow to your hubby is planting them! 🙂 Make sure you post photos on your blog.


  6. Hi Tena:

    I will definitely have my camera ready. Some of them are just starting to poke through the dirt now! I think in another month or so, and we will have some blooms! Stay tuned!


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