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World’s Biggest Hamburger!


Giant Burger

There’s super-sizing, and there’s super-sizing – and then there’s this gut-busting attempt at a record-breaking hamburger.

This not-so-fast food weighs in at a hefty 134lb for the burger, slapped inside a 50lb bun, and needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance.

And any diner giving in to temptation – or taking up the challenge of tucking in – will be hit by a bill for $350.

The mighty meal – dubbed “The Absolutely Ridiculous Burger” – is being served up at Mallie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Detroit, Michigan.

Owner Steve Mallie is waiting to discover whether he has indeed won a Guinness World Records honour for the largest hamburger commercially available.

Pennsylvania firm Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub currently holds the record, for their 123lb creation.


4 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Hamburger!

  1. This is a great post to follow one on fasting!! LOL!

    Oh, my word, Bro. Holley! I didn’t even pay attention to that fact. 😀 LOL!
    Well, I guess after fasting we sometimes feel we could eat something this big. Maybe… 🙂


  2. What is that saying? Eyes bigger than… Guess you were hungry and didn’t even know how much! 🙂

    Catherine, I wonder who would order this. Thirty hungry teenagers? Crazy.


  3. It certainly doesn’t make my mouth water or for that fact look appetizing. Perhaps this was the right one to post after the one on fasting.

    It doesn’t appeal to me either. It was just interesting how someone would go to the trouble to make it.


  4. Incredible! I wonder how many people it would take to devour that burger. 🙂

    What about the price? Three hundred and fifty dollars?! At $10 a person, that’s 35 people.


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