In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

How Can I Give Less Than My Very Best When He Gave His All?


He gave His ALL so that my sins could be forgiven and washed away – forever. Oh, the blood of Jesus. The blood He shed for me. Where would I be if Jesus had not died on a cross? Not where I am today, that’s for sure. He gave His life! His ALL!

How can I give any less than my very best to Him and His Kingdom? I can’t. I must live for Him with all my soul, heart, mind, strength, and life. I must work in His Kingdom while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work.

How can I go to church and worship the King of Kings while my mind is on other things? I can’t! How can I go to church and only praise Him with half my heart? I can’t! I must praise Him with all my heart. He gave His all for me; how can I give less?

This old hymn is one that I sing in prayer to Jesus often:

“I will give You all, I will give You all.
If all is what You ask of me, how can I withhold?
For if my sacrifice is less than giving You my very best,
help me remember Calvary’s cost and be willing to say, ‘Yes'”.


3 thoughts on “How Can I Give Less Than My Very Best When He Gave His All?

  1. Amen. Amen. My sentiments also.


  2. Good post, Tena! So true! He deserves our best. Sometimes my best seems so insignificant because it is not perfect. It is flawed. But He can make something beautiful of it. He deserves all the glory and praise! Amen!

    Love ya,

    You made me think of the boy with the few loaves and fishes; when he gave it to Jesus, Jesus blessed it and did a miracle with it. He takes our little bit and multiplies it.
    Love ya, too, Karen. 🙂


  3. So very true. This was a song that we sang often in the church I grew up in. It moved me then, it moves me now. Thank you for sharing.

    You are very welcome. 🙂


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