In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

My Awesome Step-Dad!


Papa Bill and Ella-Claire.

My step-dad, Bill Rummel, married my mom when I was nine years old. He took my brother and I in as his own and supported us like a real father would. He was never without a job, supporting us financially and making sure we had food, clothing, and a place to live.

Last week he turned 74 and God is blessing him with good health; I’m thankful for that. He loves my mom and takes great care of her and I’m glad she has him.

“Daddy, I want the world to know that I thank God for you, I appreciate you, and I’m glad Mom choose you 38 years ago. 😀 I love you!”


14 thoughts on “My Awesome Step-Dad!

  1. I second the motion!! Dad is wonderful and to see him here with Ella-Claire is just precious. Look at how great he still looks! Amazing!!


  2. By the way….. could you send those three pics my way? Or tell me how to do it?! Luv ya….


  3. Please pass along a Happy Birthday to Bro Rummel for us please. Your dad and mom look great and so happy (that look comes when being with their children and grandchildren, I am sure).


  4. Yes, Shawnna! He looks great for his age. Not much gray hair, either.
    You can go to my Flickr account and click on “Christmas 2007”. If you can’t get them there, let me know and I’ll email them to you. Love you!
    Sis. Hopper: He reads my blog, so I know he’ll see your comment. Thanks! Yep, I think the grandkids keep them young. 🙂


  5. Response to your tribute to Papa Bill. Yes, he did take you in and without any complaints. That’s because he wanted me so bad ! Ha! Fact is, I was the only support for Tena and Todd during my first marrage and when I was alone for 4 years. The Lord took care of me then. So, I am proud of Papa. And, yes, the girls and grandkids are what keeps us both young. But, we are getting old now because we are no longer around our 12 precious grandkids. We are trusting The Lord for our miracle to get back close to them all.


  6. The miracle will come, Mom. God will answer our prayers. Love you! 😀


  7. Sis Tena, Happy Birthday to your Dad, the pictures are great, and your mom looks so familiar, i will be praying that you are all close once again, Love you,


  8. God is so good to us. I have wanted to get married for a long, long, long, long……. time thinking my grandchildren would have a grandpapa. Well it didn’t happen but God did take care of us when He helped me raise my 3 children, and now He helps me. Trusting with you that you’ll get your “moving” miracle soon – I can imagine how you feel.
    BTW That little one is so cute. I saw the Christmas pictures, and both your parents look great. Happy Birthday is in order for your Dad!


  9. Thank you, Cheri. Where do you think you’ve seen my mom? She used to attend the Rock Church in Sacramento and before that, Bro. Shoemake’s church in San Jose.
    Oh, Catherine, God must be so proud of you and your trust in Him. When it comes right down to it, He is all we really need.

    Thanks for helping us believe for the miracle for my parents to move back to Ca. And, thanks for all your kinds words. God bless you!


  10. Looks like he was having more fun than Ella-Claire. Great post.


  11. Tena,

    I would never have guessed your stepdad is 74. He looks wonderful for his age. It sounds like you have a good relationship with him, and that’s a great blessing.


  12. Happy “Belated” Birthday to you, Bill. You do look great and happy. Many blessings to you!


  13. Thank you all for all your kind words. You are wonderful! Love ya!


  14. Hey Tena tell your folks hi! My wife is happy my hair turned gray before it fell out. LOL!! But Bill’s hair hasn’t even started turning gray yet! Good to see him! Happy Birthday Bill! God bless your family!


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