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Wedding Boots


Last Saturday, my family and I attended a wedding. It was our first time being to a Western-themed wedding and it was delightful. It was at a unique location, too – the Salinas Sports Complex, where the Rodeos are held. My husband’s bookkeeper/secretary, Dana, was married. She has been working for Len for a long time and she is a jewel; a God-send. We love her very much.

Below are some photos I took. To see the rest of them go here.

Bill and Dana

Bill’s brother, Bill, and the Priest walking down the isle.

Dana and her Dad, walking down the isle. (Tears of joy).

Dana and her dad.

We did it!

Adorable flower girl, picking up the pedals after the ceremony.

The three little flower girls.

Cowboy Bill.

Dance with Bill.

Dance with Dad.

Dance with Mom.

I wonder if he was invited. 😀


7 thoughts on “Wedding Boots

  1. Now that’s western style!!! Those boots are just like in the old days. Some wedding, looks like everyone had a great time. I’ll help you pray and believe for this couple.


  2. Where did she find those boots?!!!

    I’m not into the Western/Cowboy theme, but I do like going to events that are that theme. They are always fun. This wedding looks like it was a load of fun.

    I really do want to know where she got those cool boots! I’d wear them with some of my stuff. They’d match one of my hats!


  3. I have to show this pics to my daughter. She is all into the whole western theme! I bought her a pair of boots for her birthday. (They were Hello Kitty cowgirl boots, though!) Great pics! Looks like a good time!


  4. Catherine: Thank you for your compassion for this couple. I feel very strongly that they will come to know the Lord in the way He wants them to.
    Shannon: You like them, too?! I’ve put a question in to her just now about where she got the boots. I know it was online. It was a fun wedding. 🙂
    Rochelle: What did your daughter think of these boots? Post a photo of hers on your blog. I want to see them! My niece, Chloe, loves anything Hello Kitty! There’s a Hello Kitty store here at the Gilroy Outlets and we go there every time she comes to visit.


  5. Okay, Shannon, here’s the website.
    Oh, my word! What an awesome site! Have fun! 😀


  6. Thanks! I’ve already checked them out. They have white ones too. They are darling.

    I guess some of my “country” roots are showing, huh? 😉


  7. I loved the pic of the boots. So cute.


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