In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

When Ye Fast – Part 1


I will be posting excerpts from Joy Haney’s book, “When Ye Fast” (1991), periodically throughout the rest of this month. This month many churches in our UPCI organization are binding together in much prayer and fasting. We will see great results because of this sacrifice and effort. Lost loved ones will be saved, healings will take place, financial miracles will happen, and a harvest of souls will be reaped! In Jesus’ name!


In this generation there is too much world-consciousness and self-consciousness. To be in tune we have to get away from world and self. You cannot think of God and His glory when you are thinking of yourself all the time.

When Adam fell, man lost his natural spiritual consciousness and became physic in soul and body. His subconscious mind stores what he learns; but when he becomes God conscious he learns things of the spirit that enable him to walk in close relationship with God.

Fasting and prayer leads men and women into a God-consciousness that opens up the supernatural realm. A person who gives himself to fasting, prayer and absorption of the Word of God becomes like a spring of water. All the animals naturally find springs of water running out of the side of a mountain. The same way with a person who is in tune with God and lives in the spiritual realm. The people that give themselves to pleasing God and that draw nigh unto him will always have doors opened unto them and the spring will always flow to the thirsty.

Fasting and prayer will bring you into the seventh dimension which is love, and that is where all the gifts operate. This can only be attained through obeying the words of Jesus, “…this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting” (Mark 9:29).

-T. W. Barnes

EDIT: If anyone would like to purchase this book or others by Joy Haney, you may do so at Shiloah Books & More – an online discount bookstore run by my friends, the Pompliano’s.

2 thoughts on “When Ye Fast – Part 1

  1. I so enjoy this book. I have gleaned so much from it. God is going to do awesome things in 2008!! Thank you for your sacrifice!


  2. Rochelle, I’ve read many of Joy Haney’s books and they are all so helpful to me in my walk with God. She is a wonderful, godly woman. I will have the privilege to hear her speak next week in Stockton, Ca., at the Landmark Convention.

    As my friend, Than said, “’08 will be great!” đŸ˜€


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