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Are You a Volunteer or Called of God?


My friend, Shannon, put this on her blog and I think it is great! I asked her if I could borrow it and she was happy to say, “yes”. Thanks, Shannon. Love you!


#1 Volunteers see their involvement at church as community service, but people called of God see it as ministry.

#2 Volunteers whine about what it’s going to cost to serve, but people who are called are committed to serving.

#3 Volunteers shrink back from resolving relational conflict, but people called of God seek to resolve relational conflict for the sake of unity in the church.

#4 Volunteers look upon rehearsal as another commitment they’re obligated to fulfill, but people called of God look forward to rehearsal as another opportunity to be used by God.

#5 Volunteers do no outside practicing or preparation, but people who are called of God come to rehearsals and a performance as prepared as possible.

#6 Volunteers are not open to constructive criticism; they get defensive about it. People called of God are grateful for feedback because they want to be the best they can be.

#7 Volunteers feel threatened by the talent of others, but people called of God praise Him for distributing gifts and talents as He chooses.

#8 Volunteers want to quit at the first sign of adversity or discouragement, but people called of God dig in and persevere.

#9 Volunteers find their main source of fulfillment in their talents and abilities, but people called of God know that being used of God is the most fulfilling thing you can do with your life.

#10 Volunteers can’t handle being put in situations in which they’re going to be stretched, but people called of God respond to God’s call with humble dependence on Him.

“…If I had to summarize the difference between volunteering and being called of God, I would say that someone who has that sense of calling from God is more ministry-minded…” – Rory Noland

7 thoughts on “Are You a Volunteer or Called of God?

  1. Very well said!!! Those who are being called of God will always rejoice in working for HIM.
    A volunteer is looking for recognition.


  2. Great Post! And how true. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you, gentlethunder. Yes, there’s nothing as fulfilling as the work of the Lord; and doing it unto Him, not people.
    Thanks for stopping by, come again. God bless you!
    You are welcome, Eva. Have a great day! 😀


  4. Awwwww… great post. Reminded me of a time I was in Cincinnati at Brother Pasley’s and he preached the difference of being a fan or a fanatic. Do you just get on board when it’s popular, or are you in it when nobody else seems interested. (He was made the parallel to the Cincinnati Bengals who had FINALLY got on a winning streak!) I want to be a fanatic for Jesus!


  5. Oh, yes, Rochelle! Let’s be “Jesus Freaks”! 😀 Sold out to the cause of Christ! Doing what God has put in our hearts to do and not letting people (who are imperfect) deter us or get us down. I want only to please the Lord. I’m glad you and I have like-minds. 😀


  6. Great post, Tena. Some good stuff here to think about and put into practice. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend in Jesus!


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