In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Santa Cruz Sights


My husband and I were in Downtown Santa Cruz Friday evening having dinner and I snapped a few photos.

This colorful man did not want me to take his picture.

Bright hair.

A toy left on a bench.

The “Pink Lady” – Actually “she’s” a man. She/he always dresses in pink, from head to toe. Every time we go there we see him and he has different pink clothes and accessories on. He walks very, very slow, up and down the street with that same little smile on – never changing expressions. I wish I knew what he was thinking.  Some people call him the “Umbrella Man”.  I feel like buying him a new one.  I wonder if he would take it – I’m curious.

Santa Cruz Clock Tower.

Interesting things take place in Santa Cruz. For example, every year there is an ArtCar Fest. Check out some photos. It’s a great place to sit and watch people. Trust me, it’s very entertaining. The restaurant we ate at was the El Palomar and it was excellent! It’s in an old, renovated building that used to be a hotel and it’s beautiful inside.

Below are some photos I got off the web.

Pacific Avenue

Shopping downtown is so much fun. The shops are very unique and I can easily find some cute stuff. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Sights

  1. Hi Tena,

    I haven’t been to Santa Cruz since our wedding night over 28 years ago. We stayed at a nice place called Fireplace Inn. The next day we walked the beach and had a nice time. I too wonder sometimes when I see people such as you’ve capture here in photos, what brought them to where they are today and what they are thinking and feeling. I also thought of an old Lanny Wolfe song called “Faces” Ever hear of it?


  2. WOW! It is amazing how people are so different and how they arrive at their various places in life. I, too, wonder what they are thinking when I see such characters. What put the idea in their head to look or act a certain way. Incredible!


  3. Tena,

    After spending one to two days a week in Santa Cruz for the past two years, we’ve seen a LOT. You’re right. He always has that same painted smile. He must be so lonely inside. Downtown Santa Cruz is a lonely place. What do you think?. So many lonely, hurting people are there. It always saddens me. Last year we’d sometimes say prayers for the people we passed. There is so much witchcraft and rebellion in that area. We’ve prayed many times for a revival in that city! Those dear people need God’s Spirit to revive their lifeless souls. I can hardly bear to think of all we’ve seen there. Souls, souls, souls…empty, starving, crying for hope and dying for love. Santa Cruz needs a Holy Ghost revival in the land!!


  4. Karen, that song sounds familiar, but I can’t remember the words. Do you have them?

    Yes, Shannon, we are very sad when we go to Santa Cruz. People have such an empty look in their eyes. We feel burdened when we go there. It seems like such a huge task when we think about reaching these people with the gospel. Keep prayin’! One of these days God will do a great work there. I know He’s ready, but He’s waiting for someone He can use who is willing to do whatever it takes.

    Hmmmmm…I wonder how the “Bible Study Survey” method would work there. It sure would be fun to find out. 😀


  5. This makes me homesick. Ready to come home to all the “weirdness”. LOL


  6. Interesting photos, Tena. I too, sometimes wonder where people get to the places that they are at in life too.


  7. I had forgotten how different (weird, as my sister said) California can be. Wow! Those people are definitely lonely on the inside looking for God, but they just don’t know how to find Him. Ya’ll being there gives them a hope! SHINE BRIGHT!!


  8. Oh, Sis. Hurst, I’m glad you’re homesick. Come home, we miss you! 🙂

    Yes, we will SHINE BRIGHT for Jesus, Sis. Elms (Linda)! We are the only light in a dark world.
    Love you!
    What do you guys think? Should I try to give this man a new umbrella? I’m seriously contemplating it.


  9. Beautiful pictures. Interesting people…


  10. I live in Santa Cruz and my brother is a street performer in downtown. It’s sad you people choose to judge everyone in Santa Cruz, or just the “weird” people and assume they are lonely, sad and need the Holy Spirit.
    I go downtown, and see many people hopping, socializing, sailing around on their bikes, bumping into friends. Of course being downtown just like any downtown, there is sadness all around us. Pink Man doesn’t need your umbrella or the Holy Spirit. His lord is makiing people around him happy. Just ask him. That’s what he’ll say to you.

    Peace yourself


  11. Thanks Kathy,
    I was reading all these inaccurate things about Santa Cruz HOPING someone would say something truthful. I take it that everyone who thinks that Santa Cruz needs some holy intervention isn’t from here. Well to be honest I’ve never been anywhere where the people are kinder and more peaceful than Santa Cruz. This is an amazing place unlike anywhere else. So don’t judge it or the people


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