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…there is perfect peace.

“Get Off Your Seat and Into the Street!”


September 21, 2007 – Friday

-Matt Maddix

I was in an internet café in New Zealand today when I overheard a group of people singing “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna…” I left my work, grabbed my camera, and walked over to see what was happening. I stood watching this group of radical, committed people sing to Hare Krishna for at least 30 minutes. Returning to my computer, I was so moved by their dedication that I immediately began writing this blog.

The ministry that God has placed me in has always been one committed to propelling the last day church off of their seats and into the streets. For the past three years, we have held Soul Winner’s Boot Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida, training over 2,200 radical soul winners to think differently in their approach to taking this precious, life-changing gospel outside the four walls of traditional church. As the body of Christ, we are experiencing a major metamorphosis; churches across the world are becoming bored with status quo Christianity, and a hunger and passion to do things we’ve never done before is awakening in the hearts of the saints.

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8 thoughts on ““Get Off Your Seat and Into the Street!”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Before I became a Christian I spent six months with Hare Krishna in Europe. When I went to India I visited my aunt and uncle who are Christian missionaries. It’s there that I was saved. God bless you as you continue to share the gospel and advance the Kingdom of God for his glory.


  2. Tena,

    I agree with Bro. Maddix! It’s past time to get radical. Now is the time to win the lost. Jesus is coming. We can’t afford to sit on our back ends sucking our spiritual thumbs and feeling sorry for ourselves because something didn’t go our way. If we become Jesus focused we automatically become “others” focused. Even Jesus says that all the law and prophets hang on two commandments….Love God…love your neighbor.


  3. What a great and convicting blog!! I so agree!! We have to get up and do something if we expect to see results!


  4. Hello, storbakken. I’m so glad you stopped by. 🙂 I’ve visited your blog and it’s very interesting. I’ll be back. Thank God for Christian missionaries, eh? God bless you, too.


  5. Amen, Shannon! Our Pastor preached about “Love” last Wednesday night and he talked about the two most important commandments given by God: Love God, then love your neighbor. Let’s do it! I know many, many, many are, and that is awesome! 😀


  6. Yes, Rochelle, convicting. I think often of the old song that goes something like this, “If my sacrifice is less than giving You my very best, help me remember Calvary’s cost and be willing to say, Yes.”


  7. Another great post! And, so true.

    I like your new header picture too!


  8. Very convicting, Tena. Thanks for sharing.


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