In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Table of Hope


This video ripped my heart out and has been haunting me ever since I watched it. I think Jesus is talking to me. I think He’s saying, “I died for them, too. Please love them and have compassion on them like I do.”

Some of its contents may be too intense for children.

Even though we may never be able to go to the countries where these children are and we may never really have the chance to help these children, we can help the ones right here in our midst. The ones who are hurting right here in our town and in our neighborhood. “God, show me the ones that are right here so I can show them You died for them and You love them.”

“Table of Hope” by Joey Velasco

Behind the photograph of this painting are his words:

Poor Kids In My Pocket

I carry this picture in my pocket,
A simple reminder to me that
No matter where I am,
Jesus and the poor are always
In my midst.

This simple card is not a claim stub
To withdraw some blessings in return.
It is not a ticket to free me from guilt
Nor a good luck charm to protect me from harm.

It’s not even to tag me as a man of charity
For all the world to see.
It’s simply an understanding
Between Jesus and me.

When I put my hand in my pocket
To bring out my wallet,
It is NOT for alms-giving.

This picture just makes me remember
That I must have a heart to share
That a part of me has to be offered
In simple service and deeds
To the countless little children
Whose future is obscure.
Who Suffer and shiver in the dark;
Whose voices are unheard;
Whose nightmares come at daytime,
And whose monsters are real.

It’s a symbol of my nearness to God.
So, I carry this little piece in my pocket,
Reminding no one but me,
That I can give hope
If only I care.

-Joey Velasco

2 thoughts on “Table of Hope

  1. …yet another reminder of why we’ve chosen to foster/adopt. I read recently that CA has around 90,000 children with no homes or in need of foster care.

    “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Shannon, if God is wanting you and Ken to foster/adopt, then He will help you do so. What an unselfish decision – to bring joy and peace into the life of a precious little child whom God died for. May God bless you and your family with all your heart desires.
    Like I’ve told you before…I admire you. 🙂


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