In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Buxton Family Visit


Last week we had a wonderful visit with my sister, Shawnna Buxton and her family – Her husband, Andrew, and their five children. They live in San Diego and have a thriving church, which they started three years ago, in La Mesa. I’m so glad you all came! It was lots of fun! We love you!

Ella-Claire – Double the fun!

“Momma spiked my hair!!!!!”

Cole with his new bow and arrows.

Gentry did NOT want me to take his picture.

Ella-Claire and Daddy.

Brady eating a hamburger at Kirk’s.

Cole liked Uncle Lennie’s chili fries best.

Mmmm! Gentry thinks this hamburger is good!

Chloe agrees!

The Buxton clan. Andrew, Cole, Shawnna, Ella-Claire, Brady, Chloe, & Gentry.

Ooooooooo!!!!! She’s so cute, I can’t stand it! Kiss, kiss, kiss! 😀

Twins!? Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 😀

“I crack myself up!”

“I am rather cute, aren’t I?”

Big sister, Chloe (1st born) and little sister, Ella-Claire (last born). Beautiful girls.

Cole is so sweet.

Brady is so cute!

Gentry is so handsome. (He finally let me take his picture).

Getting ready to leave. Boo Hoo!


10 thoughts on “Buxton Family Visit

  1. What a beautiful family full of beautiful little blessings!


  2. Thanks for posting these precious pics Tena. I can’t believe they finally cut Cole’s hair. I can finally see what he looks like. Ha! They are all so beautiful. I get to see them on the 13th. I go back to CA. then for a week.
    Saw Jennifer Scott’s babe today. She is really cute. But is an Al-Omar for sure.
    Miss you all so much……………… Mom


  3. Hi, Mom! I’m so glad that you comment on my blog. I miss you so much!

    Yes, they finally cut Cole’s hair, and he looks soooo cute! I just want to squeeze him, but he won’t let me. 🙂


  4. Ace, thanks for stopping by. I’m curious. Do you know this beautiful family, personally?


  5. Such a beautiful family. So glad you all had a good time.


  6. I must say that beautiful genes run in the family! It’s hard to believe that Shawnna and Jennifer have so many kids!

    I think we should have a family reunion in Texas! =)



  7. Thanks, Sis. Hurst and Rochelle.

    Yeah, Cindy, they do have a lot of kids, but they are sooooo CUTE! And fun! I LOVE ’em!
    Ummmm, how about California? 😀


  8. Tena,

    You sure do have gorgeous nieces and nephews. I especially like the picture where Ella Claire is laughing at herself in the mirror.


  9. What fun to visit with family. Glad you all had a great time. Oh and how cute they all are.


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