In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Giving Your Life Away


The Bible says, in Mark 8:35, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.”

Today, our Pastor, Nathan J. Hurst, preached a soul-stirring message titled, “Giving Your Life Away”. Then we took communion.

Pastor Hurst preached…

We are here today because the Lord gave His life away. If the Lord had not given His life away, there would be no one here who would be saved and on our way to Heaven. Jesus willingly laid down His life.

It takes the same obedience to the will of God that Jesus Christ had on the day that He gave His life for all mankind’s sin. It takes the same spirit of willingness and obedience on OUR part if we are going to be used of God and give our life away so that other people can hear this glorious message – that other people may be baptized in Jesus’ name and be filled with the Holy Ghost.

If we try to save our life, we will lose our life. The more you give to yourself. The more selfish you become saying, “Let everybody perish, it’s me, myself, and I.” The more a person turns inward, the less he enjoys living in this world.

The more you give, the happier you will be. The more you give your life away, the more you will enjoy life.

The more selfish you are, the smaller your world becomes. The more tight-fisted you are, the less God can bless you. But, when you open up your arms and when you give to the things of God and your fellow man, your circle becomes bigger, your heart becomes better.

It is more blessed to give than to receive! You cannot out-give God!

Jesus gave His life for us. How can we do any less than giving our lives away for Him and the Gospel so that others can be saved?

We are not wasting our time praying, fasting, working in bus-ministry, working in the Juvenile courts, teaching Bible Studies, working in neighborhood outreach, teaching Sunday School.

“God, give me a new vision of myself, more than just sitting on a pew and being filled with the Word of God, and being blessed by the Spirit of God. I’ve got to get a new vision of myself giving my life away.”

Our prayers have got to change. From: “Oh, God, bless me. Give me more money. Give me a new house. Give me a new car…” To: “Oh, God, help me to be a soul-winner. Help me to bring someone to church. Help me, God, to be able to give to missions. Help me, God, to help somebody to be saved.”

Pride has to go and a fresh sense of humility has to come back and we must say, “God, I am nothing without You. God, I am a sinner, without You in my life. Fill me, Lord, with Your desire. Help me, Lord, to give my life away and then I will find it.”

I feel it, Pastor. I got the vision. I do so want to GIVE MY LIFE AWAY for Jesus and the Gospel. Thank you for pouring out your heart today and giving us what God has given you. Thank you for stirring my soul. We only have one life and how soon it will pass. Only what’s done for Christ will last.


4 thoughts on “Giving Your Life Away

  1. Tena, thank you for sharing what your Pastor preached yesterday. What a great reminder to be all we should be!


  2. Hi, Sis. Elms and Cassandra! I’m so glad you two feel the same.
    Bishop Hurst says to people who say they’re too busy to teach a Bible Study or do other work for the Lord, “You’ll have ALL eternity to do other things. We only have a short time to share the Gospel with people.” 😀 Have a great day!


  3. It is so true that a giving person is a happier person. Thanks for sharing your pastor’s thought.


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