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God Blew Our Minds!


Yesterday (Sat.) God blew our minds!

Our church blessed our community by GIVING. We had a “Back-To-School Bash” at a park in a low-income neighborhood in Hollister, CA.

We were blown away at how many people came.

At least 500! 500 neighborhood people who we didn’t know and had never been to our church.

And God blessed our day when three precious little boys got baptized in Jesus’ name! PRAISE THE LORD!

We had music, singing, and rapping.

We had a raffle drawing to win an iPod Nano and a Nintendo DS. In order to be in the drawing, people had to fill out a registration form with their name and address. We have, on record, 474 people who signed up! Some people came after it was over, so we can safely say 500 were there! PRAISE THE LORD!

Registration line.

Registration line.

Some of the guests waiting for the food to cook.

We served free hot dogs, chips, cookies, soda, and water.

Here’s the food line! We started out with a little over 200 hot dogs. Obviously, we had to run to the store and get a couple hundred more. Still, towards the end, we had to turn some people away.

People waited patiently while we cooked and served. Everyone had great attitudes!

We had two Jump Houses for the children.

A large canopy with chairs under it so people could sit and watch the music.

There are people in all of the seats except the front row, under the canopy.
The horse trough was full and ready for people to get baptized in!

We gave away 200 back packs with school supplies! Sadly, not all children received one. But, no one complained. (We stipulated on the fliers, “While supplies last”).

Kyle told a “Parable” to the children regarding baptism. Many listened intently.

Winner of the iPod Nano!

Winner of the Nintendo DS!

First little boy to get baptized! Nathaniel Hurst (our Youth Leader) baptized the children.

Second boy! Praise the Lord!

Third little boy! The parents of two of the children here want Bible Studies and want to come to church! One of the dads want to get baptized and two sisters of another boy want to get baptized at the church!

Here’s two boys with the father of one of them, standing with Gary Hurst (from our church).

Salvation has come to Hollister, California! The fields are ripe and ready for harvest!

Here are a few more pics…

Kyle (my son). I’m proud of him how he obeyed God in his music and preaching. His friend, Omar, translated into Spanish and did an awesome job!

Todd (my other son).


28 thoughts on “God Blew Our Minds!

  1. Tena – this is such a great report and what a wonderful outreach. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.


  2. Wow, Tena! This is awesome. What a great outreach. Thank you for sharing this wonderful report!


  3. How Truly Wonderful!!! What an awesome God we Serve!! And to think, because of this outreach, there are 3 little boys and some families who will know just how awesome He is.

    God Bless!!


  4. I’m still in awe! I am so thankful that I got to be a part of this! I will never forget this day, the people who came, our church family who served, all together an awesome experience. God is so good! He did it again and I’m believing for great things to come from this outreach!

    Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Psalm 68:19


  5. How Great Is Our God!!! You all did a SUPERB job. We are not finished seeing results from this endeavor. I can only imagine how you and your family feels. There is nothing like a soul winners blessing.


  6. Yes, Jana and Carol, this is a wonderful report! God is doing GREAT things!


  7. Eva, we visited the families of the boys who got baptized, last night. I had bought more back packs because I was concerned that they had not received them at the park. One of the boys was already in bed, but his sister said he had got one.

    The second boy we visited, his father was there and he invited us (my husband and I) to talk for a while. He told us how his son wanted to get baptized and told us a little about his life. He wants to get baptized, too, and he wants a Bible Study!

    The third boy we visited is from a family of NINE children! They were so excited to see us! The parents came out and we talked for a while. Those kids had not received a back pack so I took them out to the back of my truck and let them pick which one they wanted. They were so excited and some of them hugged me! They are so cute and precious. The parents said they want to come to church and two of the girls want to get baptized! They also want a Bible Study!



  8. Mindy, this could NOT have happened without the 30 people who helped from our church. You guys were so awesome how you just got in there and worked so hard. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and awesome attitudes. It sure feels good to GIVE!


  9. Coming over from

    Awesome pictures from the event. May God continue blessing you through his mercy to others.


  10. Yes, Sis. Hurst, reaching the lost, the hungry, the needy souls brings more joy to our hearts than ANYTHING in the world! Many, many souls are going to be saved because of giving. Giving of finances, giving of time, giving of hard work, giving of prayer, giving of fasting, etc. Our church people worked hard and happily before during and after this event. We appreciate what they did so very much.

    Yes, OUR GOD IS GREAT! Praise His name forever!


  11. That looks awesome! We’re rejoicing with you.


  12. Incredible. This is fantastic! We’re praying for Hollister.


  13. Thanks for stopping by, Diana. And, thanks for the blessing. I’ve visited your blog several times and I know you and your husband have a compassion for the Hispanic community. That is who we reached on this day! They are such open, loving, receptive people and we love giving to them. We are soon going to have a huge Hispanic Revival! We are so excited!


  14. That is awesome! God is incredible—very cool!


  15. Sis. Tena, I am so excited about the outreach you all put on. As you know I was with Bro. and Sis. Hurst when they got the report. They were both so excited and bragging on what a great church they have! I know God is doing great things through His people in Hollister! God bless you all and thank you for the report.


  16. Tena:

    A good report maketh the bones fat! Thank you for fattening my b ones and for sharing the good news. what an awesome back-to-school rally you had. To God be the glory!



  17. Stumbled upon your blog and its simply refreshing how fellow christians (in other parts of the world) evangelise. Praise God! (:


  18. Wow, Sister Tena, this is an awesome report, to see all that were blessed by Hollister, it is a great feeling to give, because we know our reward, God Bless, ♥ Cheri


  19. Thanks for rejoicing with us, Bro. Ryan and praying for us, Bro. Holley! Isn’t the work of the Lord FUN?!


  20. Thanks for stopping by Rindy. Yes, God is incredible! 😀


  21. Sis. Elms, thanks for the encouragement. I know Pastor and Sis. Hurst wanted to be here for the Bash, but I’m really glad they decided to go to the family party and see all you guys. We’ll be having many more community events, but there was only one 70th birthday for your uncle. I’m so glad you guys all had fun! Love ya!


  22. Thanks, Karen! Yes! To God be ALL the glory!


  23. Hi, Jace! I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog! And just in time to hear about the great things God is doing!
    Where do you live? I will visit your blog soon, okay?
    God bless you!


  24. Yes, Cheri, it is a great feeling to give. Just like the Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I’m so glad you stopped by.


  25. Hello Tena (:
    i guess i was lucky to stumbled upon it!
    I’m from Singapore, the lil red dot on the map.
    Sure do. God bless you too!!


  26. Hi Tena,

    I am normally not a sappy person, but reading this report brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. It is such a blessing to read how your work has touched the lives of others. God is Good! All the time!


  27. So glad you stopped by and commented, Philana Jones! And I’m glad your heart was touched. We hope that we can inspire people to just start giving, anyway that they can, just like people inspired us. We just went out and started giving and it got easier and more fun and fulfilling every time!
    Yes! God is Good! All the time!


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