In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

Camp Meeting 2007 Highlights


Awesome, powerful, and inspiring preaching!
Beautiful, talented, and anointed singing and music!
Lots of fun helping my pastor’s wife (Ronda Hurst) with the hospitality tent!
Special, memorable, and exciting visits with family and friends!
Buxton clan, you all are so much fun! And your kids are so cute and precious!
I love to spend time with my sis, Shawnna and my sweet nieces and nephews!Omar, Kyle, Todd, Len, Andrew

HANGING OUT – OMAR (a friend), KYLE (my son), TODD (my son), LEN, AND ANDREW

Bro. Buxton & Len
BRO. BUXTON (Shirley’s hubby) AND LEN (my hubby)

Cole & Kyle
COLE (Andrew & Shawnna’s son) AND KYLE

Andrew & Gentry
ANDREW AND GENTRY (his and Shawnna’s son)

Shawnna & Ella Claire (2)

Ella Claire (2)

Brady @ the Roadhouse Grill
BRADY (Andrew and Shawnna’s son) @ ROADHOUSE GRILL

10 thoughts on “Camp Meeting 2007 Highlights

  1. Tena,
    I’ve always thought Shawna’s kids were the cutest! Hope you’ve had fun with Chloe.

    My dear girl is going to be 12 in a couple of weeks. Can you believe it? It’s been quite a challenge emotionally!! Wow…there’s a meltdown in our home about every other day! Is Shawna having any of those in her house?

    I MISS you! I was thinking about you last week and had a longing to sit down and have one of those conversations where we don’t have to say much but the other one just “gets it” after a couple of sentences. You’re one of the few friends I can do that with and just thinking about it made me miss you! 🙂


  2. Awwww….I love all these pics. I’m so glad you got to spend some fun time with your sister and her family. We are enjoying Chloe being here too. She is such a pretty girl and sweet.


  3. Hi Tena:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the good time you had. I’m glad you got to go and bask in God’s presence with family and dear friends. Did you see my sister Carol there? My Mom was there too.

    Love ya,


  4. Shannon, Lorrel will be 12?! I can hardly believe it! I am having a wonderful time with Chloe. She’s a precious little girl.

    I miss you, too! You are so sweet. We seriously need to get together. We need to just put it in our calendar, okay?


  5. Thanks for making Chloe feel so welcome at church, Sis. Hurst. I agree with you, she IS pretty and sweet. I was telling her she had beautiful eyes the other day and she said, “My dad tells me to take my glasses off so his friends can see my eyes! It’s so embarrassing!” as she rolled her eyes. LOL.


  6. Glad you liked the pics, Karen. Yes! I saw Carol from afar, but didn’t have the chance to talk to her. I saw your mom in a crowd, but she seemed intent on getting to where she was going. 🙂 Hope you come next year! Love ya, too.


  7. I’m glad you had fun with your sister and her family! I’m still can’t believe she has 5 and still has her sanity! But, I’ve also witnessed them all, except for the baby, sit still all through a church service! Go Shawna! It has been great to have Chloe here, Madeline keeps talking about her new friend, lol! Those kids are going to remember the love you give them, what a great Auntie! Love you ~ Mindy


  8. Nice pictures, Tena. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to see you. (not even from afar) We were only able to spend a couple of days at campmeeting. Lord willing, we’ll be able to stay the whole week next year on the campgrounds. It really is more enjoyable doing it that way, as opposed to staying in a hotel. Anyhow, I’m glad you had a good time there. It’s kind of hard not to have a good time at campmeeting. 🙂


  9. Hi, Carol. This was the first year in many that we stayed in a hotel and not in a trailer on the grounds. It actually worked out good for us this time, but next year we are doing the trailer thing again. Hope you can make it!


  10. Mindy, it’s amazing how well-behaved Andrew and Shawnna’s kids are. It’s not easy, but they are close to God and pray a lot. 😀

    Chloe thinks Madeline is so cute!


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