In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

My Prayer Today Is:


Father, forgive me for my disdain,
For not being able to see the pain
Of someone who’s hurting and in need,
And not being able to see when others bleed.

I ask You today to wash away callousness,
And fill me with love and kind tenderness.
Wash me clean from judgmentalism and bitterness;
Let my life be characterized by kindness.

Submissive at Your feet I kneel,
As I think of Calvary’s hill,
Where You uttered those final words-
“Father, forgive them” is what they heard.

A servant’s attitude, kind and true,
Let it be mine, to resemble you.
The unthankful, and those who don’t deserve,
Let me with Your love and grace always serve.

-Joy Haney 


3 thoughts on “My Prayer Today Is:

  1. Amen, indeed. Beautiful post.


  2. That was beautiful! Is Joy Pastor Haney’s wife? The one that used to pastor in Stockton, right?

    They’re so awesome!

    God bless and thanks for visiting my blog today!


  3. Oh, by the way, that was me above, I forgot to log in first, and my husband’s name was the default. I hit submit before I noticed! Sorry!



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