In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

The Big Picture


The Lord has been teaching me something the last few days. When little things happen in life, for example:

a harsh word is said by us or to us,

words are not said we thought should have been,

a rebuke from an elder,

something important is lost,

we make an embarrassing mistake,

someone didn’t do what they promised,

any disappointing thing.

Things like this should not be examined and magnified. I need to realize that it’s all part of the process to make us what God wants us to be; to help us eventually do for the Kingdom of God. All the little things are part of the big picture. I need not focus on the little things, but focus on the big picture.

I’m especially realizing this for my boys. The little disappointments they have are all part of God molding them and shaping them to be what He ultimately plans for them to be and do. How we respond and act when these little things happen are what’s more important than the thing itself! I must step back sometimes and allow things to happen to my boys, and not intervene, so they can learn how to deal with it themselves, thus learning for the big picture. I can also teach them how to deal with the little things, therefore when it happens again, they will know what to do.

I can’t focus on the thing. I must learn from it, then get past it and go on. I must focus on the big picture and realize it’s all part of God’s plan.


3 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Tena, You’ve been in my prayers.


  2. Thank you, Helen. You are so sweet. God is aways good and faithful to me.


  3. Tena, this a worthy—actually profound post. Thank you.

    Love and joy.


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