In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

My Son, Todd, Turned 15 today!



Todd and Kyle.
Times seems to travel faster the older they get. We have many home videos of them from the time they were born, and often we hook the camera up and watch – for hours at a time. We laugh and cry and have so much fun. Our job is never done, though, we must never stop praying for them. We can give them their independence a little more each day, but we can never stop praying for them. That is something they will always need from us-our prayers. I love my boys with all my heart. God has His precious nail-scarred hands on them and I wouldn’t trade that for all the money in the world!


8 thoughts on “My Son, Todd, Turned 15 today!

  1. awesomeness. wen does he get his petmit o scary time for a parent. driving. lol have fun


  2. Happy Birthday to Todd! Sorry I am a day late. Tena, I know that you will continue to give both of your sons the greatest gift……………your prayers.




  3. Daniel, we were just talking about this. Todd said, “Hey, I can get my drivers permit in 6 months!” Well, I’m not too worried about his driving. We’ll just teach him in the orchard. He already does real well with the quads and golf carts and the Gator-farm vehicles. But, I know when the day comes and he is on the road – the scary, dangerous road, where crazy drivers are – then I’ll become a nervous wreak! 😀 I’ll just do what I’ve always done, Carol, *pray* for him!


  4. Happy 15th Todd!!! 😀


  5. Todd, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!! Day late, but I did post and it didn’t show up!! Hmmmm.

    I can tell your mom is really proud of you and for good reason! I hear you are a very talented young man!!

    Your grandma is proud of you too! She lets me know! 🙂

    Thanks Tena for sharing with us!

    Aunt Naomi


  6. ok that makes me know that he can drive i can drive a golf cart to but i have a lot of troube w/ the brake and throttle and using 1 foot i think it is easier to drive a clucth because u can use to feet


  7. Hi Tena, I know you are proud of both of your sons.


  8. There is nothing more rewarding than children……nothing.


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