In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

It Costs To Have A Vision, But It Costs Too Much To Remember Only The Price


“He is able to save to the uttermost.” (Hebrews 7:25, R.V.)

WHAT a magnificent prospect!  Does it not take your breath away?

It may well do so; but nevertheless it is true, gloriously and eternally true, for it is written in the Word of God.  Grip that fact; grip it with your whole heart; take risks on it; stake your all on it; whisper it to yourself with clenched teeth when you are in the heat of the fight; shout it to the heavens when you see the enemy about to flee; triumph in it; exult in it!

Faith in this one thing can transfigure your whole life, and lift you to the heights of victory and glory that once seemed to you as far off and remote as the distant snows of some shining mountain summit seem to the traveler when, through a haze of sunshine, he lifts up his eyes to gaze as at some holy thing up in the blue air.

Remember, that the life of sanctification and spiritual power can never be had cheaply.  To bestow it upon us the Lord Jesus paid the price of Calvary. To receive it we must be at least willing to pay the price of obedience to His simple conditions.  Remember, too, it is the only life worth living.

-Reader Harris, K. C. (Spring In The Valley)

It costs to have a vision, but it costs too much to remember only the price.

2 thoughts on “It Costs To Have A Vision, But It Costs Too Much To Remember Only The Price

  1. i really liked the title and it meant something great post tena


  2. Precisely. Which is why it is so silly when people question the cost of peace.


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