In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

It’s HOT!!!!!


Wow! We are having record-breaking heat in California! In Gilroy, during our summers, we’ll have a few days where it’s really hot, but not usually 110, 111, and even 112 degrees!

Yesterday, after church, we went to Monterey and it was beautiful! There are not too many times we go there and not have to where a jacket.

I’m glad we’re going to Santa Maria next week. It’s nice there; close to the ocean.

Are you hot?

What are you doing to stay cool?

God bless your day and keep you cool!


6 thoughts on “It’s HOT!!!!!

  1. I can’t wait until Santa Maria! It’s been in the 100’s every day here…where I live it’s hot!! But we have good air conditioning. (Thank the Lord) BTW, about revival, just wanted to let you know my neighbor got the holy ghost! Awesome!!! We have 4 kids on the court we live on that have it now!! Yay! Pray for our church!


  2. well guess what tena. it waz 115 up at the lake one day it waz to warm so suspect u live in cali whaere this happens


  3. Hot here in paradise, too! 88 degrees at the moment, but with a cool breeze off the lake. See you next week.



  4. It was 116* on Saturday. We were heading to a wedding and within just miles the temperature had dropped 23*. Amazing! I’m staying in the house with the a/c on. It got a little warm though during the bridal shower with all those women in my house!!!

    Vikki (blessedwoman)


  5. By the way we’re in San Diego County.


  6. Wow, Vikki, that is very hot! You must live more inland than the city of San Diego. My sister lives in the city of San Diego and it’s not quite that hot.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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