In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

I’m Not What I Used To Be


Thank God I’m not, not what, not what I used to be

Jesus forgave my sin, my heart is white, pure and clean

Thank God I’m not, not what, not what I used to be

But by His grace, now I am saved, living in victory.

There was a time when my eyes were blind

And I was lost, as lost as I could be

There was a day when mercy came my way

And mercy led me into the arms of grace.

Sometimes the failures and things in the past

They come to mock me, and to bring the guilt all back

Then I see the fountain of blood that covers me

And then I’m reminded – I’ve been washed, and I am free.

Thank God I’m not, not what, not what I used to be

Jesus forgave my sin, my heart is white, pure and clean

Thank God I’m not, not what, not what I used to be

But by His grace, now I am saved, living in victory.

This song I sang Wednesday night in church with my son playing the keyboard for me. When I’ve sang before, I sang with a soundtrack. It was special to have my son play for me.

I love this song. The words are so true to me. What great love God has for us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Rom. 5:8). We don’t have to “get good” to “get God”. We can come to Him as we are and He loves us so much, He will save us.

“Thank You, God, for your mercy and grace!”

Song written by: Nancy Grandquist Nancy Grandquist – Revelation Music


9 thoughts on “I’m Not What I Used To Be

  1. I remember that song! Yes, I think it would be a lot better with someone playing for you. Last night I did alter call by myself, cause my mom was praying with some people…at least I did it and kinda got over a fear. 😀 I didn’t used to be able to play and sing at the same time that good, but I think God helped me to play because nobody else knew how. I’m nothing without him…


  2. This is one of my favorite songs. It’s so true, isn’t it! Thank God for His life changing power!




  3. That is a lovely song, Tena. I have never seen it before, and I’m glad you shared it. I was just reading a book that made me think the same thing… How thankful I am for God’s forgiveness!


  4. Super song and sung SUPER GOOD!


  5. Jen, I’m proud of you for handling altar call by yourself! That is a big deal for a 14 yr. old! I’ve heard, the more you do it, the more confidence you have. But, of course, if we put ALL our confidence in God we do best. Yes! We all are nothing without Him! It’s wonderful that you acknowledge that.

    Amen, Carol!

    Thanks for stopping by, Becky!

    Thanks for the compliment, Sis. Hurst. You are the BESTEST Pastor’s wife in the world and I’m so glad you’re mine!

    Love you all and I’ll see you on your blogs!


  6. Wonderful song. I have never heard it before. Is it hymn? I would have loved to have heard you sing it.



  7. yeah some of my friends go to my church too aand they have heard of it so i have heard of it and it iz a beautiful song


  8. Thanks for coming to my site, Larry! I’ve been reading your blog since you’ve been commenting on Shirley’s. And thanks for the kind words about my song. See you on your site!

    Daniel! I’m glad you are home! Thanks for coming by!

    God bless you both!


  9. Nancy Grandquist came to the church I had started attending when I moved to Seabrook, Texas, at the end of 1997 and into 1998. Her songs ALL spoke directly to my heart…in a very special way. The one that I keep going back to, is this one. I was going through some really tough trials during 1997-1998… and I felt very alone. I would play this entire CD (over and over again), and it ministered to me, every single time. It kept me going…that is for sure!

    I love the anointing in Nancy’s music. In fact, I bought 3 CD’s and gave them to friends/family who I knew God was dealing with. I know for a fact that it also ministered to them…as it did me! Great job Nancy, for honoring Jesus Christ, the way you always do!

    I thank God I’m NOT…not what….not what I USED to be…..(what great love & mercy)!

    Dawn :o)~


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