In His Time…

…there is perfect peace.

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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Daily Mentoring with Darren Hardy.

How one man shattered the idea of what was “impossible”: Continue reading

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Who do you want answering the phone at 3:00 AM?

“While watching for the fourth time Israel Survives Against All Odds, the story of Israel’s survival, the documentary told the following story:

President Richard M. Nixon, one of the most maligned men ever in American politics, received a phone call at 3:00  AM.   Continue reading

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This Is How You Leave a Legacy

Jim Rohn, the philosopher who has left an indelible legacy of time-proven principles and wisdom, shares his secret for making an impact.

“You know me, I am a philosopher. I love principles. Yes, actions are great and I talk about them regularly, but the important stuff is what lies underneath—the principles,” Rohn says.

Here are the principles he says we must commit to in order to leave the legacy we desire:

1. Life is best lived in service to others. This doesn’t mean that we do not strive for the best for ourselves. It does mean that in all things we serve other people, including our family, co-workers and friends.

2. Consider others’ interests as important as your own. Much of the world suffers simply because people consider only their own interests. People are looking out for number one, but the way to leave a legacy is to also look out for others. Continue reading


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